Holiday Decor Trends

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 November 27, 2019 Rebecca Pfeifer

Decorating for the holidays can be a lot of fun. What’s less fun is getting stuck in a rut with the same old holiday decorations year after year. Sometimes you just want to break away from the same old thing and do something new and exciting. What do you do if you don’t have any decorating ideas, though?

You’re in luck, because there are a number of different holiday décor trends that are popular at the moment. Regardless of your personal style, you should be able to find some way to spruce up your decorations and leave your guests in awe. Best of all, some of these are so versatile that you should be able to work them in regardless of your budget!

Farmhouse Chic
They say that everything old is new again, and this trend really digs back into the olden times. Using a lot of weathered wood effects and touches of nature, this look celebrates the holidays with a simple and rustic accent. Use small cut pine branches, natural cuts of logs, earthen tones and handmade decorations that wouldn’t look out of place in Little House on the Prairie to give your holidays a touch of farmhouse wonder. This is especially effective if your home already uses a lot of wood accents in its design.

Go Big and Go Bold
If rustic décor is a bit boring to you, feel free to take it in the opposite direction. Trees decorated with bold, colorful ornaments, the use of neon colors in decorations and a variety of metallic foil accents can really add some warmth to the holiday season. Combine this with outdoor decorations such as oversized ornaments for the lawn and light show projectors and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind holiday theme.

Upcycled Décor
If you like the homemade look and want some truly unique decorations, consider upcycling things around the house to give them a new purpose. Adding paint, accessories and lighting are great ways to take items that you don’t use anymore and give them a new life as holiday decorations. Since the end result depends on both your tastes and the materials you’re working with, no two upcycled decorations will be the same.

Add Some Shine
Sometimes glitter is in style, and sometimes it’s tacky. At the moment, though, glitter is coming in in a big way. Using glitter as an accent on your other decorations or going all-in and giving decorations a full coat can give your holidays a touch of much-needed shine. Just be careful when you’re working with glitter. Once it’s in the house, it might be there to stay.

Twinkling Accents
Lights are a cornerstone of holiday decorating, but a lot of people are using them as much for accent pieces as they are for big displays. Instead of putting all of the lights outside, try adding LED-lit garland and lighted wreathes as a way to add just a little bit of twinkle to your decorations. Often these decorations will use very small lights in short strings, giving you just the right amount of lighting to serve as a great accent without dominating your décor.

A Touch of Folklore
There are holiday traditions from around the world, including a number that might be important to your own culture. Embrace this, adding little hits of folklore and traditions from your culture into your decorating plans. These don’t have to be large overt displays, either; even just little touches as part of your accents can really help you to bring your decorations to life.